Why I sold Tilray Cannabis Stock at $121

Cannabis stocks have been soaring for the last few weeks driving extremely impressive gains for investors. These large percentage gains are even more impressive...

2 Key Economic Laws For Bitcoin

Many people try to determine a fair and realistic valuation for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. This is difficult to do as Bitcoin is not a...

Apple Announces iPhone XS Release – Here’s a summary

APPLE HAS SURPRISED NO ONE with the unveiling of the iPhone XS and XS Max. The 5.8in iPhone XS is the direct successor to last...

The next financial crisis ‘will be more severe’ socially and politically, says billionaire investor Ray Dalio

‘I think it will be more severe in terms of the social, political problems. And I think it will be more difficult to handle...

8 Inventors Who Were Killed By Their Own Inventions

Since the dawn of mankind, inventors have been the creative and risk taking types that humanity has relied on for progress.  However, there can...

Warren Buffett Explains the 2008 Financial Crisis

A decade after the financial crisis, billionaire investor Warren Buffett explains what was behind the 2008 mayhem, what we can do to limit the...

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