Here is everything you need to know about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and industry news for the week ending March 10th.

To the joy of cryptocurrency investors, the markets are all showing positive growth thanks to Bitcoin’s (BTC) jump back to over $9,000 and neary all the top 100 coins (except one) are in the green as of writing this article.

Bitcoin had surged over $11,500 during its intra-week high on March 5th, before dropping back below $9,000 yesterday, March 9th. BTC is currently trading around $9,500, up around 5 percent over a 24 hour period.

Top 10 Altcoin’s Performance This Week (March 10th):

Altcoin's Ranked By Perfomance
The top 20 performing altcoins as of March 10th. Source: Bitgur

Top 10 Gaining Cryptocurrencies This Week (March 10th):

Top 10 Losing Cryptocurrencies This Week (March 10th)

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by Trade Volume Increases (March 10th)

Top 10 Most Volatile Cryptocurrencies (March 10th)

Ethereum (ETH) is still under $800, but it still up significantly from the monthly low it reached yesterday (March 9th) of $700. The top altcoin is currently trading at $740, with a 5.5% rise over a 24-hour period. Ethereum has consistently stayed below $1,000, which is a price point that had previously been surpassed in mid-January.

Ripple is up the least of the top ten coins on CoinMarketCap, having risen a little more than 1% over a 24 hour period, trading at around $0.84 by press time. Ripple’s price soared up to over $1.05 after rumors that it was the next coin to be added to Coinbase.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Summary

The total market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies is resting around $389 billion as of writing this, which is on the lower end when compared to the highs reached in February of over $500 billion, but also up from it’s monthly low of $344 billion on March 9th.

As written about in greater depth on Tuesday, the overall slump since the beginning of the year has been tied back to the $400 million in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash which was sold by the bankruptcy trustee of the former largest cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox, who has been called the “Whale of Tokyo”. The most recent of the slumps can be attributed to global regulatory news, including the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announcement that all cryptocurrency trading platforms must register with the SEC, and on a more positive note, Arizona’s bill to allow you to pay your taxes in cryptocurrency. Lastly, CNBC’s Tuesday episode of Fast Money featured the president of Coinbase and Founder/CEO of Ripple.


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