Credit Card Skimming Attacks Ticketmaster Is A High Profile Victim

Magecart – the name you should know but don’t. This hacker group has been responsible for high profile, high volume credit card skimming attacks, quietly hacking into sites to skim credit card information from consumers.

Yonathan Klijnsma, a researcher for the firm RiskIQ, has been tracking the group for over a year, and recently published an extensive report of Magecart. He found them to be a collection of different groups of hackers, all working together but as separate teams.

Magecart was found to have begun in 2014, and as they grew, their techniques became more polished. Over years and additional groups of hackers, Magecart was able to take thousands of credit cards from thousands of sites. They break into websites, leave credit card skimming bots, and take card numbers.

In their most high profile victim, Ticketmaster, the group put malware in customer chat boxes, allowing them access to thousands of customers information. Furthermore, they go beyond just stealing credit card information. After malware is put in, skimmers installed, and information is stolen, Magecart goes to sell the data they collect, often to the dark web.

Although his report gives great insight into Magecart, Klijnsma stated there is no way to foresee every attack of theres. And as groups like Magecart continue to pop up, there will likely be unseen malware on thousands of different sites.

It will take a village to take down Magecart and similar groups. RiskIQ and others can get rid of domains Magecart has infiltrated, but more than that, all sites that have been infected should alert someone and help take down the threat.

Essentially, any site or company can be attacked, and often not know for months. Magecart will continue to perform their attacks, and as a result, website owners will have to improve security.

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