Take a look at the extremely lavish homes of the 10 richest people in the world. Ever wonder what someone does with their billions? Learn more in this video of the 10 Richest People’s Homes.

The 10 richest people in the world that are featured in this video are listed below, with their current net worth.

  1. Bill Gates Net Worth: 91.3 Billion
  2. Warren Buffett Net Worth: $86.2 Billion
  3. Jeff Bezos Net Worth: $129.3 Billion
  4. Amancio Ortega Net Worth: $72.3 Billion
  5. Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth: $74 Billion
  6. Carlos Slim Net Worth: $74.5 Billion
  7. Larry Ellison Net Worth: $60.5 Billion
  8. Charles and David Koch Net Worth: $82.1 Billion
  9. Michael Bloomberg Net Worth: $52.3 Billion
  10. Ira Rennert Net Worth: $3.8 Billion

If that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.


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