People are very interested in counting Jeff Bezos’ money. If you take a look at the top stories over the last few weeks it is impossible to avoid headlines such as: “Jeff Bezos’ crosses the $150 Billion mark and is now the richest person in modern history”. That’s quite a financial achievement and it took Jeff since Amazon’s launch on July 5th 1994 to get there. Although $150 billion seems like an insurmountable amount of money, there is a challenger that no one is thinking of who could very easily displace Jeff Bezos as the richest person in the world. Jeff Bezos’ is going to lose the throne as richest person in the world to someone who will be even harder to out earn- the richest person in cryptocurrency- Satoshi Nakamoto.

Before we talk about what it takes for Satoshi to top the rich list, we should talk for a minute as to why it’s very funny that Satoshi is going to be the next to top the list. The crack team of journalists at Forbes didn’t even include Satoshi on their recent (and first of its kind) 2018 list of richest people in crypto. That painful oversight makes me believe it’s going to be a major shock to people when they see Satoshi at the top of the global list. Many people still do not know what Bitcoin is. Even fewer know about Satoshi.

Satoshi Nakamoto is of course unknown to the public. It’s incredible that Satoshi was able to pull this anonymity off. Highly skilled in cryptography, or at the very least in assembling existing technologies into an innovative and world changing peer-to-peer electronic cash system, Satoshi performed the miracle of removing trust from a financial/payment system. It doesn’t surprise me that Satoshi would value the anonymity and privacy that his field of expertise specializes in. Shortly after dropping some of the most earth shattering technology the world has ever scene on the masses, he disappeared. Satoshi vanished but his Bitcoin did not. Satoshi has an estimated 980,000 Bitcoin under his (her or their..) control.

With 980,000 BTC when Bitcoin hits a price of $153,061.23 Satoshi will have $150,000,005,400. Satoshi will then pass Jeff Bezos and all others as the richest person in modern history.

But it doesn’t stop there. Satoshi also has control of a matching number of coins provided via forks and subsequent airdrops. Satoshi has tons of Bitcoin Cash, we can assume Satoshi has control over 980,000 BCH. Satoshi has loads of Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond and the list goes on. Satoshi will have access to many airdropped coins in the future as the Bitcoin blockchain is continually forked and coins are airdropped. It could take far less than $153,061.23 per Bitcoin for Satoshi to have a total of over $150 billion dollars. We also don’t know Satoshi’s starting point. What if Satoshi was already very rich? This could very well be true as Satoshi is incredibly smart, driven and has proven the rare ability to execute on a grand vision. To keep things simple we can just look at what it would take for Satoshi’s Bitcoin to reach over $150 billion and that is of course my new favorite Bitcoin price target: $153,061.23.

So, unless Jeff Bezos is Satoshi (Spoiler alert, he probably isn’t), Bezos’ time as richest man in modern history will likely come to an end in the next 3 years. New BTC party target: $153,061.23

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