Binance and IOSToken Competition Announcement:
On April 9th, 2018 The Internet of Services Foundation will be launching their official GitHub.  In recognition of this major event, the team at IOST has decided to celebrate the launch by teaming up with one of their oldest partners, Binance, to offer a competition to put more IOST into your wallet!
The history of IOST and their relationship with Binance is important because it makes this competition possible. IOST was first listed on Binance on January 24th, and Binance was the first major Western facing exchange to list IOST. The relationship between Binance and IOST has been strong, and the two groups have teamed up again in order to reward both the IOST community and the Binance community with this competition and the chance to win IOST.
IOST will be launching their GitHub, which is a major step for all top decentralized cryptocurrencies. For the first launch on GitHub, this will be an incomplete version of the IOST code, but it will be updated and gradually filled out throughout the IOST development process until it is complete. This completion of code upload should happen by the time IOST launches their mainnet. Achieving this important step by making the code available on GitHub is commendable and I’m glad to see IOST celebrating this event by commemorating the GitHub launch with a contest.
Binance partners with IOST competition for GitHub Launch
Binance partners with IOST competition for GitHub Launch

Competition Details:

On 04/06/2018 at 00:00 AM UTC the competition will start. The competition will run until 04/13/2018 00:00 AM UTC
IOST has committed a total of 4,000,0000 IOST to this competition. These 4,000,ooo coins will be a reward to IOST fans around the world. The 4,000,000 IOST will be split among the top 500 eligible holders of IOST that are holding their IOST on Binance. So who is ‘eligible’? An account must hold 100,000+ IOST during the competition period in order to be eligible. If somehow there are less than 500 eligible accounts, the 4,000,000 IOST will be split between all the accounts that are deemed as eligible accounts during the event.
There is another way to win as well and that is through the Lucky Draw. For Binance users that trade over 0.5 BTC (Buys minus Sells) during the competition period, they will be entered into the Lucky Draw. 5 lucky Binance users who trade over 0.5 BTC during the competition will be chosen for the chance to split a pool of 1,000,000 IOST.
Don’t own IOST? Don’t have a Binance account? Click this link to check out Binance, or take a look at our article on how to sign up for Binance to learn more. Good Luck!


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