How To Block Your Roku From Sending Data About Your Home Network

Learn how to block Roku from logging your home WiFi networks browsing history by blocking a list of domains we have provided.

Roku has opened up its viewer data to TV networks and video publishers so they can offer marketers better-targeted ads on the streaming-video platform. That means that unless you have blocked a list of domains, Roku is constantly monitoring and saving all internet traffic at your home.

The data collected allows Roku and it’s advertisers to target specific audiences at a household level, according to Roku. Those insights are comprised of Roku’s own proprietary data on user segments such as cord-cutters, which are created based on research and insights into users’ watching habits, combined with third party data from Acxiom and Experian. TV networks are also allowed to apply their own data.

Dubbed the “Audience Marketplace,” Roku is one of the first over-the-top companies to give publishers insight into their viewers that allows them to better sell (and target) advertising inventory. The TV networks which data access has been provided to are Fox, Viacom, Turner, according to AdAge.

Although Roku claims to be keeping the data within its system, meaning the data can’t be used elsewhere, the company will match targets with viewer impressions on the network’s behalf. In other words, they will retarget you as you browse the web with ads related to the content you were watching and how you used your Roku device.

Roku works by streaming media over the WiFi network, meaning they can also monitor all traffic on the Internet Protocol Layer, which directs packets to a specific computer or device using an IP address.

To prevent this intrusion on your home and security, you need to block the following domains.

List of domains to block on Roku to stop advertiser data sharing:

Companies like Roku are always trying to deliver cross-screen capabilities, meaning that they can target you on your phone, computer, work computer, and all your smart home devices.

The second domain listed, is the second most blocked domain on PiHole:

You should check this list every two to three months to see if additional domains have been added to the blocklist. All Roku has to do to restore access to your home WiFi network is configure an additional domain which you have not yet blocked.


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