Billionaires Daughter Bringing Staff of 12 To College To Help Her Survive

    The daughter of an Indian billionaire is hiring 12 members of staff, including a butler and housekeeper, to help her while she studies at university in St Andrews.

    It’s common for students to pay someone else to write an essay for them or take a test, but only a few students get to live in luxury while attending college.

    One of those select few is an Indian billionaires daughter who is hiring a staff of 12 people to help her out while she studies at St. Andrews University. Her staff include a housekeeper, chauffeur, footmen, private chef, and even a butler to take care of her lodging. She’s been dubbed “Britain’s poshest student.”

    It doesn’t take a vivid imagination to realize that she won’t actually be living in the dorms (surrounded by all those peasants). Her billionaire parents bought her a mansion to live in so she doesn’t have to endure dorm life while she studies for four years in Scotland.

    Earlier this year they placed an ad in the local papers for “an outgoing, cheerful” maid with an energetic personality to work for the spoiled student. The maid will also be in charge of waking the college student up, maintaining her personal wardrobe, organizing her daily routine and schedule, and assisting with grooming. They’re right, that will take a lot of energy.

    The university students staff will include a butler, who I imagine will be quite similar to Alfred Pennyworth from Batman.

    The butler will oversee the student’s staff. The staff will be expected to open doors for the freshman whenever possible. Footmen will set the table, serve meals, and handle the clean up. The advertisement stated that the family is very formal and wants experienced staff. Think Alfred Pennyworth, the butler for Bruce Wayne in Batman.

    Each staff member will be making around $39,000 per year. And here I thought I was spoiled for just having a meal plan.


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