Elon Musk Funding Water Filtration Systems for all Flint schools

    Elon Musk has announced his donation of $480,000 to Flint schools for UV water filtration systems. This is an example of how capitalism should function. The wealthiest members of society helping improve the quality of life for the masses.

    All of the schools in Flint will receive new water stations and filtration via a donation by the billionaire entrepreneur.

    The Flint school district tweeted their appreciation “for investing in the health/future well-being FCS Students!” The tweet also mentions that the school district is “Looking forward to our burgeoning partnership! More to come!”

    Musk replied on Twitter, saying “You’re most welcome. Hope to do more to help in the future.”

    The Musk Foundation was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal. Their website states that grants are made in support of the following causes:

    • Renewable energy research and advocacy
    • Human space exploration research and advocacy
    • Pediatric research
    • Science and engineering education

    This donation comes just a few months after. Musk said he would contact Flint Mayor Karen Weaver to discuss what the city needs and how he can help them recover from the water crisis. He also wanted to know how he could fund fixing any Flint home that has been contaminated by federally-allowable environment policy limits.

    [Source: mlive]


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