Free Bitcoin used to be a thing. Bitcoin also used to be extremely cheap, you could mine it with a PC, faucets gave it away and the community would set people up with wallets and send them Bitcoin. Those days are long gone. Some would argue the days of Bitcoin sub $10,000 are soon to be long gone as well. So getting lots of Bitcoin cheap or for free isn’t possible any more. You can get some free Bitcoin and complete small tasks to get Bitcoin at

So what is and how can it help you? Earn is the rebranding of Earn created a platform that lets you block spam email and collect a fee for any advertisers or others that would want to contact you. You set that fee whether it be $1, $5, $20 or $100 for you to read an email. You have the ability to still receive emails from friends, family and anyone who is a known contact of yours without any fees or other impediments, but for unknown email senders, they either pay the fee or if they don’t want to pay you the set fee, the email doesn’t reach you.

Earn takes it another step further by allowing you to have a biography on the site. This is done because there is a social network of sorts where people can seek out people with experience or expertise and pay them for answering an email / inquiry. Earn also links social profiles to bring in work experience and other information. This is important because Earn takes a number of steps to verify and validate the users on the site.

There are also groups you can join, or search through to find the expertise you need. If you need to talk to an executive, an experienced salesperson, a marketing expert, engineers and developers of any language, you can find these people who have joined groups that have their affiliation with those skills verified by Earn. Groups have a set cost if you want to ping just one individual out of the group or if you need to survey the entire group. If you join one of these groups and a survey or other inquiry is made of the group, you get a set amount of time to participate and you will receive the fee, paid in Bitcoin, for your participation.
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One popular event lately is coin airdrops for people interested in cryptocurrencies. Over the last month or so there have been a number of paid messages- a dollar worth of free Bitcoin and an airdrop of the tokens. Canya recently paid users $1 dollar in Bitcoin and later dropped several coins to each user who participated in their brief 5 question message. It seems that this method of creating awareness around coins and airdropping those coins to participants has really gained in popularity lately.

Overall, Earn is an interesting platform, and it really depends on your experience level, popularity and/or willingness to participate in order to determine how much Bitcoin you can make off of Earn. For most users with little effort, you can easily make a few dollars every month and some altcoins just with the current airdrops that are released. Right now that cadence feels like once or twice a week.

To try it out use my referral link to and you can get started. Feel free to send me a message on Earn, though you can also try to message me for free by contacting me through Fortune Insider



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