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The controversial health app, Streams, is about to get more controversial. Originally, Streams was in the headlines for silently taking their data without the consumer’s knowledge. Now, Google will take control of the app.

In a move to make Streams a global AI assistant to all doctors and nurses, the AI firm DeepMind partnered with Google, and gave control of the app to Google.

Not only will the app itself be affected, but the DeepMind Health division with its 10 NHS hospitals that process data will be controlled by Google health, a California based firm. One of the biggest draws of DeepMind was its unconditional promise to stay apart from Google. Experts are calling this “Trust demolition.”

In response to the concern levied against them, DeepMind stated: “Patient data remains under our NHS partners’ strict control, and all decisions about its use will continue to lie with them. The move to Google does not affect this.” However, it may be hard for many to trust DeepMind moving forward, as their intimate data could be available to Google. It could also be difficult for people to trust DeepMind after this because they very publicly stated that they would stay separate from google, unconditionally. A violation of this public statement is difficult for many to reconcile.

Streams was first used in the Royal Free Hospital in London, leaving many doctors and nurses happy with the app. Since they want to expand, DeepMind partnered with Google, in order to gain access to their resources and provide doctor’s with the best AI assistant, possibly saving lives in the process. We have to wonder if DeepMind had other options when it came to expanding. Certainly there had to be some other partnerships or options available to provide DeepMind with the resources it needs to grow, and also stay separate from Google. One thing is for certain, it’s worth keeping an eye on this partnership moving forward.

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