The issue of privacy is a hot topic issue, as large cell phone and internet providers have full access to all your records. In some cases, your information is private, but largely, this is not the case. Included in this issue was Google’s Project Fi, as it didn’t previously have its own separate network. However, that changed today.

Project FI launched a new option allowing subscribers to encrypt all their traffic with a google run VPN. Instead of the major carriers being able to see exactly what you’re doing, your traffic will be entirely encrypted, and therefore private.

Unfortunately, there is not full privacy included in this, as your traffic goes from being read by large carriers, such as T-Mobile, to being read by Google, as all your information goes through their servers. However, your traffic won’t be tied to any other google related accounts, and additionally is not tied to any identifiers.

Largely, the data will not be stored and used in the same way that the larger carriers were previously able to do. The data that is used will mostly be used for system improvement and to make sure abuse is monitored. Google still would have to comply with any court orders, but that would be the only real use of your data.

In the end, it comes down to who you believe will offer more privacy, Google or your current carrier network. Also, due to the extraneous nature of having to run your traffic through Google, your phone will use more mobile data, which can get expensive in large quantities. Additionally, your service may slow down, again as your run everything through Google.

Its certainly a tough problem to solve, but Google’s Project Fi is certainly a step in the right direction to solving this problem. As the feature rolls out this week in beta, we will see if the update works on a large scale.


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