Resting in a Swiss mountainside is a bunker built to house around $10 billion in Bitcoin for the elite. The bunker has doors built to withstand a nuclear attack, and a highly trained team of security personnel managing it.

The cryptocurrency wallet and storage service for millionaires and billionaires to hide over $10 billion, Xapo, resides in Switzerland.

“Everyone who isn’t keeping keys themselves is keeping them with Xapo,” CEO Ryan Radloff said. “You couldn’t pay me to keep it with a bank.”

Xapo relocated from California to a mountainside in Switzerland in 2017. They have since expanded to five continents, offering services to both private and institutional investors.

CoinShares, a UK-based investment products and research company has deposited over $500 million of client funds with Xapo.

Two clients and an anonymous source confirmed that the figure of $10 billion is accurate.


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