Apple iPhone X Waterproof: Underwater Face ID Test

    iPhone X Waterproof

    Water destroys electronics, which is why Apple made the iPhone X waterproof. If they didn’t make the iPhone X Waterproof, people wouldn’t do dumb things like trying out just how waterproof the phone is, which is exactly what you will see in this video.

    When Apple sat down to create the iPhone X they needed to look around the market at competitors. A number of competitors phones had waterproofing as an important feature. Although we won’t know exactly why some features are included on a phone each year, or why phones are built a certain way, we do know that competition in the market place can often be a driver for phone manufacturers to include a feature. The competition can also abandon features that are under used are unimportant.

    In addition to the competition, the end user has considerable influence and impact on how phones are made. Tastes and preferences from consumers change all the time, which is why a year to year phone cycle is good for the end users when it comes to better tech they can use. This change is accounted for by phone makers through the features they feel are important or the features that should be left behind. Even phone sizes are greatly impacted by consumers. Over time in the market, consumers show which sizes of phone and screen they like and dislike. This leads to phone manufacturers accounting for these preferences in the phone specs.

    The iPhone X waterproof feature is one of the best additions of the year. Perhaps it was due to the influence of competitors, or maybe it was customer feedback. We don’t know exactly who to thank, but the iPhone X waterproof included as built on each phone is a fantastic add on. But not everyone takes the specs and claims as they are written. Some people have to see it for themselves.

    When it comes to water, we want to keep it as far away from our electronics as possible. Except for this Youtube content creator who decided to test how well her Apple iPhone X waterproof worked when put to the test.


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