Is the iPhone X Waterproof? Yes it is!

    Is the iPhone X Waterproof?

    Many features on our smartphones are critical, perhaps none more critical than the often overlooked features that protect the electronic components. As technology advances, things become lighter, smaller and overall better. Advancements in production allow for the tech we depend on to become cheaper as well. This leads to increased consumer demand for superior products. One adaptation that is being asked for more and more is that our phones be made waterproof. An incredibly popular Apple phone is now claims to protect against liquids which begs the question… is the iPhone X waterproof?

    Let’s first look at the specs. We can confirm that yes, the iPhone X is waterproof, but that is a broad statement. How waterproof is the iPhone X? It turns out Apple designed the iPhone X to be waterproof down to 3 feet (or 1 meter) when submerged. Don’t believe it? Check out this video where a YouTuber actually submerges their phone to test how well the waterproofing works.

    Is the iPhone X waterproof beyond 3 feet? No! 3 feet sounds great for water protection, and it is because this means that any splashes or spills are going to be handled perfectly well by the iPhone X. The technical rating on the level of waterproofing is IP67. This means that you get much more coverage than just water protection. an IP67 rating means that the phone is also completely dust proof. Anyone who has worked with electronics long enough knows that dust seeping into the functional electronic parts can cause a lot of problems to your device.

    Although this version of the phone is waterproof, it has limited protection and as of now, Apple does not cover damage from liquids with Apple Care. That means although they designed the phone to be protected from water and other liquids, they aren’t willing to back that up via their protection plan. So is the iPhone X waterproof? Yes it is, but Apple isn’t willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their protection plan.

    So you asked and we answered- is the iPhone X waterproof? Yes! Just be careful with it!


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