Jeff Bezos Advice To His Children

As the world’s richest person, founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos has overcome many challenges and prospered. One of his latest? Raising his 4 kids. As any parent, raising kids is difficult, and while Bezos’s wealth certainly makes a lot of things easier, it does pose a little difficulty with children. His advice to them: Be proud of your choices, not your talents.

It boils down to him teaching his children to be proud of what they’ve earned, rather than what they were born with. You can choose to work hard, but you can’t choose your economic situation you’re born into. Your choices should give you your self worth, rather than what you’ve been given, according to Bezos.

Reading a bit deeper into this, Bezos is also conveying to his children that your natural gifts and comparative advantages are things that are given and not earned. It’s easy to rest on the accomplishments your gifts allow you to cultivate easily. Bezos shares with his children that they should put a higher value in the items they earn through choices and decision making, the truly earned items, instead of the items that come more easily to them due to circumstance or advantage.

Using what you’ve been given and then working hard, allows you to “leverage that gift,” to quote Bezos. He has imparted this wisdom on his children, and even gone further to push them to pursue their passions. “That’s going to make it easier for you to make that choice to work hard,” Bezos believes.

Doing what you love allows you to enjoy everyday, and makes working hard a lot easier. Its also ok to switch up what you’e doing to find what you love. Changing what you do if you’re unhappy will allow you to eventually find what you love.

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