Facebook is well known for stealing every shred of privacy you have as a user, and then turning and selling your data to as many bidders as possible. This is mostly done through Facebook’s advertising offerings where they target you, the Facebook user, relentlessly in the hopes that you purchase the goods their advertisers are shilling.

With this complete lack of privacy (and in many cases, lack of security) in mind you may find it odd that Mark Zuckerberg values his personal privacy very much. How much? Some would consider his efforts to achieve a private life a bit extreme. His recent efforts to secure his own privacy while piercing yours is highlighted in an extravagant move. Mark Zuckerberg decided he wanted more privacy. So what did he do? In an unusual move, he bought his neighbors houses to get this privacy.

The founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy the 4 houses neighboring his property in Palo Alto, CA, to get more privacy. The houses he bought ran him over $30 million, including a $14 million home next door.

This unusual move to buy surrounding houses is not unprecedented, as Larry Page did the same a few years ago to expand a mansion. However, Zuckerberg chose to buy the houses for extra privacy.

Reportedly Zuckerberg decided to make the move after learning developers were purchasing homes near Zuckerberg’s and using that fact as a marketing ploy. He began purchasing other houses in December, and he plans to lease the recently purchased homes to their former residents.

Many people want privacy and have trouble getting it, and Zuckerberg is no exception. The difference is Zuckerberg loves to tear your privacy to shreds, and uses a portion of the money he gets thrashing your privacy, to secure his own. We’re willing to bet this isn’t the last extreme move Zuckerberg takes to secure his own personal privacy.


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