We’ve all experienced it. We go online to check our email, check our calendar, do some research, or be generally productive in some way. We start out the best intentions only to look up from a click bait article, YouTube, social media or some other time suck and realize we fell for the trap that is the Internet.  Don’t get me wrong there are extremely interesting things on Reddit. However, we don’t often sign on with the intention of spending 15 minutes there.

So what are people doing every minute on the internet in 2018? This photo depicts a quick summary of what is being done each minute. For example, every 60 seconds, $862,823 is spent online. Thats very nearly a million dollars every minute! A lot of those purchases likely come from Google searches- Google provides 3.7 million search results every 60 seconds.

How The World Spends 1 Minute On The Internet
How The World Spends 1 Minute On The Internet

Not to be outdone, email crushes all the other activities by a long shot. 187 million emails are sent every minute. We’re hoping our spam filters are catching most of those as we would assume that most text messages are legitimate, and there are ‘only’ 18 million of those sent each minute. This, in combination with the fact that people tend to open emails on their phones more often then they send them, leads us to believe that most emails are just spam. Thanks for the heaps of garbage in our inbox at scale, MailChimp.

With all of this data, there is one piece of information we’d love to know, and that comes from Tinder. With 1.1 million swipes every minute, how many are swiped right?



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