Richard Branson Narrowly Escapes Death While Rock Climbing

    The billionaire and his family narrowly escaped death during one of his famous high risk adventures.

    Richard Branson mountain climbing

    At the end of August, billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Brands, decided to share his brush with death with readers. While on a rock climbing trip to Mont Blanc in the Swiss Alps, Branson and his climbing team narrowly avoided disaster. Entrepreneurs are typically risk-takers, capable of doing things on a daily basis that would frighten any normal person.

    As Branson explains on his blog:

    “At the end of our first day climbing Mont Blanc for the Virgin Strive Challenge we found ourselves trapped on the side of the mountain as a huge rock fall caused boulders the size of small cars to fall on us.”

    To make matters worse, Branson’s son Sam and nephew Noah were also with the team when the nearly fatal incident took place. Branson explains that in all his years of going on extreme adventures, he has “never come so terrifyingly close to losing myself, my son and other teammates.”

    Things almost turned fatal at the end of the first day’s climb while at the notoriously dangerous 100-yard crossing fittingly named the “Gully of Death”. The team’s climbing guides were reasonably sure that late September would be the safest time to cross. The details Branson shared of the climb are terrifying:

    “Within seconds of getting across we heard the most horrible sound. A side of a cliff had broken away from the mountain further up and seconds later huge boulders the size of small cars were bouncing towards us. Rocks rained down on us from every angle.”

    This isn’t the first time Richard Branson has nearly been killed while going on his famous adventures. The board of directors at Virgin has tried to curb his risk taking but it clearly hasn’t worked.

    Branson’s team made it up and down Mont Blanc without any fatalities, so in that respect it was a success. If you haven’t figured it out by now, despite the brush with death, Branson shows no signs of slowing down.


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