It’s closing in on the snapshot block where we’ll all be recorded as airdrop addresses and in the next few days be given our free Bitcoin Private. However, you have to be sure you’re going to actually be able to receive your free Bitcoin Private. That means if your coins are in locations that won’t recognize the fork, it’s time to get your coins out of those places and put somewhere you can capitalize on this fork.

If you recall, Coinbase customers were extremely angry when the Bitcoin Cash snapshot and subsequent airdrop happened. This was because Coinbase didn’t honor the Bitcoin Cash airdrop and it wasn’t entirely clear that they would in fact ever drop people who held their Bitcoin in Coinbase the Bitcoin Cash that they had earned. Lawsuits suits were threatened, complaints were filed and lots of time and energy were wasted. Eventually, Coinbase did distribute the Bitcoin Cash to holders, however a great deal of time had passed and there were a number of issues that happened with Coinbase and the Bitcoin Cash trading launch on their platform.

When Bitcoin Gold and other forks occured, Coinbase (and their sister company GDAX) have not honored those forks and no concrete plans have been made for Coinbase to ever honor those forks. What does this mean for you? Well, now is the perfect time to take control over your coins to assure you will have as much access to your Bitcoin and Bitcoin Private as possible. Irrespective of your strategy, you need to have control of your coins and actually get control of your Bitcoin Private in order to execute on your strategy. Securing your coins is the key and moving them into a wallet where you control your private keys is the critical step in doing that.

There are many wallets and places where you can control your private keys. A great option is Ledger (Check out Ledger products here). You need to get your coins off of exchanges and into wallets that you control in order to be able to control your own fate for the Bitcoin Private fork. If you want to take advantage of the Bitcoin Private airdrop and assure you can reciever your free coins, it’s time to take your Bitcoin and/or your Zclassic and put it into a private wallet where you control the keys.

It’s also not too late to take advantage of the Bitcoin Private fork. You can still purchase Bitcoin from a place like Coinbase and move it over to a paper wallet or a Ledger hardware wallet if you have one. If you have money trapped in a 401k, if you hold GBTC they will not distribute Bitcoin Private but they will pay out the cash value of that Bitcoin Private to shareholders.

Now is the time to move your Bitcoin and Zclassic to private wallets to take advantage of the snapshot block and subsequent airdrop. Make sure you do this or else if your coins are in an exchange like Coinbase or GDAX or you might not receive your coins.


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