Tom Clancy’s Widow Listed Their Oceanfront Estate

    The sprawling estate spans 17,000 square feet and features an indoor shooting range, tennis courts, and pool with a retractable glass cover.

    The bestselling author Tom Clancy’s widow, Alexandra Marie Llewellyn, put their luxury oceanfront property in Maryland up for sale. The waterfront estate is selling for $6.2 million.

    With the estate comes a 17,000 square foot mansion, indoor shooting range in the basement, swimming pool with a retractable glass roof, tennis courts, sports field, guest apartments, and more. Inside the mansion are seven bedrooms, a library, and an 8-car garage.

    Alexandra inherited all of his former and future assets, which generates $10-20 million each year from royalties and licensing fees.

    In addition to his cash and intellectual property, Alexandra inherited the authors expansive real estate portfolio. The most exotic properties in the portfolio is a $16 million penthouse in Baltimore, MD and a 537-acre waterfront estate in Huntington, MD.


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